Instructors and Rates

Instructors and Rates


James Swantko, Head Instructor/Fitter and PGA Apprentice, is an Ohio native who is deeply passionate about golf, music, and family. Before pursuing a career in the golf industry, James was a professional musician spending years writing, recording, touring, and managing a band. When he finally hung up the guitar, he naturally followed his other childhood passion - golf. Joining the PGA as an apprentice professional in 2011, James is a dedicated Instructor and Club Fitting Specialist. Passionate that ANYONE can play this game, he strives to make the game and every lesson fun, informative, and simple. His belief: This game does not need to be complex. 

"Golf is a sport like any other, so anyone can play this game! My goal for every student, is that at the end of each lesson they walk away with 'ownership.' If we, as athletes, understand what we're trying to accomplish, know what we've done when we've hit it well, and what we've done when we hit it poorly... now we OWN our own swing and game!" - James Swantko


$115 Hour
$70 1/2 hour
$95 - Local Rate
($50 for each additional adult)
($30 for each additional junior)


3 1/2 hr - $190
5 1/2 hr - $315
10 1/2 hr - $625
5 1 hr - $515
10 1 hr $975


$80 Hour
$55 1/2 hour
$30 for each additional junior


5 1/2 hr - $245
10 1/2 hr - $490
5 1 hr - $360
10 1 hr - $700


$250 (2 hours)
$185 - Local (2 hours)